"Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you have been doing."  1 Thessalonians 5:11

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to you from the Christian ADHD Homeschooling group! 

I Wish That I Had Parenting Manual…

You might say that we don’t have a parenting manual. But…we do! It is called the Bible. We need to become students ourselves if we want to learn how to parent well and in a Godly manner. If we have accepted His wonderful gift of salvation, God is our Father. He is our perfect example of parenting. We are the imperfect children. He has given us examples of great parenting and poor parenting in His Word. We are called to study it diligently. This involves reading in context and not just pulling out a verse here and there to suit our purpose and give it a meaning that was never intended, nor supported by the rest of His Word. We invite you to explore answers to your questions through His Bible and discuss your finds here with us as we explore along with you. A link to a wonderful Bible resource, Bible Gateway, can be found on our home page under “Helpful Links.”

Does This Describe Your Home?

It can be very difficult to know where to begin homeschooling our children. It is full of daily challenges. Behavior, trouble comprehending, concentrating, memory problems, inability to test well, keeping focus and attention, poor handwriting, difficulty with math and poor social skills are often some of the struggles that we and our children face together on a daily basis. We find that we need to hover over them, disrupting our household duties. Schedules are often nonexistent, and even if they do exist, holding to them might prove impossible. The method of discipline can also be a mystery when we find that they do not respond the same way as other children to conventional forms of discipline. Our children do not conform to what is considered normal standards and therefore we might find ourselves and our children ostracized not only by the strangers, but friends, family and even in the churches where we might least expect it. Our struggles seem insurmountable. Then you discover that your child (and maybe even yourself) has been struggling with what the medical system labels ADD or ADHD, and although that seems to explain a lot of these struggles, it only brings more questions. 

You go through denial, frustration, and a sense of not knowing which path is best. You remove them from the classroom, provide them with customized curriculum, but it still doesn’t seem to be enough. Then you discover that your child may also be challenged with dysgraphia (handwriting learning disability), auditory processing disorder and/or memory deficits, and perhaps more. It keeps getting even more discouraging, even though you are putting all your effort behind your child.

There IS Hope!

You need not be discouraged! Each parent in our group have been there too, and although we still struggle, we find that those seemingly impossible struggles can all be managed and even overcome through much prayer, Bible study, proper teaching methods, learning coping mechanisms, doing research on diet and other treatments, through laughter, and of course through mentoring and encouraging one another.

Your child is unique, given to you from God to help mold them into the adult that He wants them to be. You have been given a special task to raise him or her. The first thing to learn is who God is, that he or she is special to Him and that His gift of salvation is free for your child to receive if only they ask. Your child must always be aware that God is with them through all situations they might face in life. He will not only be there for guidance, but support in their daily struggles…always.

God has made each ADD or ADHD child in His image…He has made them the way that He intended…just as He has made the rest of His creation. We, as flawed parents, see what appears to be imperfections but often fail to recognize the beneficial nature of each trait. You may need to change the way you think about each trait. You can start with the fact that your child is not stupid or lazy, but are actually highly intelligent. He or she just views the world differently and learns differently…that’s all. 

Here are some better ways to think about other traits you might see in your child:

  • stubborn = persistent
  • distracted = multitasking
  • overly talkative = good with words
  • overactive = energetic, enthusiastic 
  • bossy = leader
  • interrupting pest = great communicator
  • don’t conform or doing it MY way = great thinker…thinking outside the box, independent…creative! 


These are all wonderful traits for an adult! Focus on these things in this way and it will help your perspective, and then you will notice your attitude begin to change. A wise man on our list once said, “You need to see your kids as successes, not disorders.” We exist to help you see them in this way…the way that God views them.

You will still find you are tested to your very core at times, but that is the place that God needs you to be to teach and change you. These trials will make you more like Him and make you more effective in your parenting responsibilities and in life in general.

If you have questions about learning disabilities, or are struggling with a difficult child in your homeschool, please join us for loving, Christian support. You can find instructions on how to join on our List Membership page. You will find the link at the top of the page.

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